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Buvable(s), naturellement

2 / 3 Nov


Salon de vins nature

& marché paysan bio

Illustration : Anne Sophie Tschiegg

When ?

2 / 3 nov 2018

Saturday  12pm /7pm

Sunday 10.30am /6pm

Where ?


13 rue de Pfastatt



C'est quoi ?

"Brut(es)” is the leading 'natural wine' show in Mulhouse.

It is open to all lovers of natural products and to those who would like to discover natural wine, be they from the trade or the wider public.



What is natural wine?

Natural wine, or nature's wine, is the result of a philosophical choice that aims to celebrate the natural expression of the

soil. It is produced from grapes grown organically, with no herbicide, pesticide, fertiliser or other synthetic products.

The grape harvest is carried out manually, and during the whole wine-making process the wine grower ensures that the living quality of the wine is preserved. Any technical interventions that could alter the bacterial life of the wine are forbidden, as is the addition of any chemical product, with the exception, where necessary, of a small amount of sulfites. The maximum tolerated doses of SO² are 20mg/l for red wines, and 30mg/l for white wines.

Who are the Brut(es) ?

Bruno, Jeff, Eric and Paolo are 4 lovers of life who are passionate about natural wine, and who like to get out and about to meet brave and committed wine growers.


It was not difficult for them to persuade their friends, who are as curious as they are lovers of wine, to join with them in the formation of this “band of brutes”.


They are from Alsace, it is true, but they are all eager to discover natural wines from other regions of France and are lucky to be able to share a glass or two with their German and Swiss neighbours just a few kilometres away.


They love to share with others the experiences that fit in with their philosophy, and with that in mind they wanted to promote all the riches of eastern France's natural wines... and what's more, in an exceptional location in Mulhouse.


The merry band of BRUTES looks forward to meeting you on 2 & 3 of November 2019.

So, naturally... Bottoms up! To your health! Cheers! Prost !


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