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What is ultra Brut(es) ?

After 3 first editions in Mulhouse, Le Salon Brut(es) wanted to see the sea! 


The 20 & May 21 the second edition of Extra-Brut(es) in Normandy and the 27 & May 28 the first edition of Ultra-Brut(es) in Marseille, living wine fair around the Mediterranean. 


Ultra-Brut(es) will welcome around fifty winegrowers to the Hangar, an exhibition space and cultural space of 2000 m2 in the popular Belle de Mai district. 


Our selection focused on young winegrowers who respect living things in their practices and are located on the shores of the Mediterranean:  Occitania, Northern Catalonia, Provence, Corsica…and abroad: Southern Catalonia, Majorca, Italy, Greece…

As well as some representatives of other French regions: Alsace, Loire, Beaujolais, Bugey, Savoie, Burgundy, Auvergne, Ardèche...


The show will open its doors to professionals and individuals alike.

We taste, we eat throughout the day with: Oyster farmer / Cheesemaker / Pizzaiolo / Charcutier / Ice cream maker / Brewer… without forgetting the Vegetal!

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