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But who is“band of brutes”?

Bruno, Jeff, Eric and Paulo, 4 bon vivants passionate about natural wines, loving to take the detour of their beautiful escapes, to meet courageous and committed winegrowers

They didn't have much trouble convincing their friends, who were as curious as they were good drinkers, to join them in forming this "band of rough(es)"

Alsatians certainly but all curious to discover the natural wines of other regions of France and lucky to be able in a few km to offer their glasses to their German and Swiss neighbors

Loving to share experiences that make sense, they wanted to discover all the richness of natural wines from the East... and elsewhere, in an unusual place in Mulhouse.

The merry band of BRUT(es) wanted to see the sea.

After the first 3 editions of BRUT(es) in Mulhouse, the show is transposed into Extra-Brut(es) in Regnéville-sur-Mer in the Cotentin (Manche), at the edge of the water, salt meadows and the Siena estuary -under a circus tent!- to offer the best of natural wines and a cast of elite cider makers.

We wanted to continue this beautiful collective adventure in Normandy to offer a unique moment with our friends from La Manche, (Dominique Hutin, author cider specialist and Mr. Jean-Paul, renowned oyster farmer),  around two universes in perfect community of spirit:


natural wines + perry & signature ciders

Naturally...  chin! cheers ! Prost!


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